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Motherhood doesn't come with a road map.
Create one that works for YOU.


At Mother Tree Wellness Group, we know firsthand that motherhood can be beautiful, disorienting, blissful, overwhelming, and magical…all in the same moment!

When we were new moms, we found ourselves in this unfamiliar territory wondering, “Why does being a mom look so different than what I expected, and how am I supposed to do this?”

We weren’t prepared for the emotional rollercoasters (“I love these late night baby snuggles AND tinyhumanpleasestoptouchingmesoicansleep”), the shifts in our relationships (partners, parents, in-laws…oh my!), and the guilt and shame we felt when we compared ourselves to other moms (“Why do other moms have this all figured out and I’m the only hot mess?”).

Now that we’re beyond our early days of motherhood and we know that we weren’t alone in feeling the way we did, we want you to know that you’re not alone, either.

We’re so excited to bring our mental health counseling backgrounds, our personal experiences as Survivor Moms, and our Perinatal Wellness expertise to the table as we re-envision the motherhood journey with you.

The narrative out there is finally beginning to change: Mom’s wellbeing is vitally important on its own, and it benefits her family too.

Mom needs information, empowerment, and connection. She needs to be lifted up. Her story matters. Take control of YOUR motherhood story, and join the movement with us. You matter, Mama, and we’re so glad you’re here.

Holly & Ellen

Holly Kennedy, LPC

Ellen Jones, PMH-C


Join the Movement

Mother Tree Wellness is for ALL moms.
Gain best-practice strategies to find your way in motherhood, no matter where you are in that journey.
Help other moms alongside you.
Make Sense of Motherhood!

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